About Acacia COOP

In a nutshell

  • Member Management
  • Lending Management
  • Cashiering
  • Deposit Management
  • General Ledger
  • Online Members Portal
  • Capital Contributions
  • Patronage Dividends

All integrated and Single Data Entry and Straight thru Processing


  • Faster Member Servicing under an hour
  • Loan Approvals/Releases within the day
  • Decongest Branch Office
  • Financial Visibility
  • Accountability and Audit Ready
  • CDA CISA Compliance
  • Operational Visibility
  • Expand Easily, more members more branches
  • Promote Go Green, reduce paper

Operational Benefits

  1. CISA reports within minutes
  2. Full visibility of all aspects of a member activity and pending applications and approvals
  3. Auditability, all actions are captured in Audit log
  4. Self-service portal, members can inquire on their accounts and applications anytime thru web/mobile
  5. Straight thru posting to GL, minimized manual handoff
  6. Compliance. Aligned to Philippines business and regulatory bodies

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